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You've Heard of Divorce Mediation, but Have You Heard of Elder Mediation?

Mediation is a tool commonly associated with the divorce process, but it is a type of dispute resolution that can be useful for a lot more than that.

Siblings seeking mediation to resolve disputes about aging parent's care

As a parent starts to reach an age where their care is needing to be decided for them rather than by them, adult siblings may find themselves at odds with one another. The who, when, and how of their care may be heavily disagreed upon, sometimes becoming bitter enough to break a family apart.

The issues a family disagrees upon may vary, but common areas of conflict are:

  • When to take away a parent's car keys, vehicle, etc.

  • How bills are paid and other financial issues

  • Living arrangements for aging parents, such as whether to seek at-home care or relocate to an assisted living or nursing facility

  • Legal decisions on Powers of Attorney or Guardianship

  • End-of-life arrangements or funeral preparations

The mediation process provides the family with an objective professional to help the family navigate these tough decisions. A mediator encourages involved parties to think in new ways about how to solve the problem, finding solutions that everyone can agree upon. Mediation is very empowering for families. The parties drive the final result through a series of friendly discussions outside the courtroom, rather than leaving important decisions up to a caseworker. Working through disputes in mediation not only avoids costly legal fees but preserves family relationships.

Conference room for mediation
Gage-Michaels Law Firm Conference Suite

At Gage-Michaels Law Firm, we provide a comfortable setting for participants in our conference suite. Our practitioner, Attorney Andrea Gage-Michaels, graduated at the top of her class from Marquette University's Masters in Dispute Resolution program and will act as a neutral facilitator for your mediation.

For questions about mediation services, you can reach us by phone at (920)888-GAGE.

Disclaimer: This blog post is made available for educational purposes only. It should not be relied upon for legal or tax advice and is not a substitute for legal research or a consultation with a qualified attorney.

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