Mediation helps parties identify their mutual interests and reach an agreement that benefits everyone involved. In addition to emphasizing the principles of this form of dispute resolution in all of our family law matters, we offer mediation services to represented parties. 

Mediation is an incredible tool for resolving any conflict. Clients find it to be especially helpful in cases that involve debates over major life decisions, financial questions, and property issues between parties that hope to maintain a lasting, ongoing relationship. If adult siblings are arguing over the best care for Mom and Dad, or two older people want to separate their lives and assets while continuing to remain friends, mediation is an excellent choice.


Mediation is always very empowering for seniors, because the parties drive the final result through a series of friendly discussions outside the courtroom, rather than leaving their fate up to a judge. 

Our practitioner, Attorney Andrea Gage-Michaels, who graduated at the top of her class from Marquette University’s Masters in Dispute Resolution program, will act as a neutral facilitator for your mediation. 

We provide a comfortable setting for participants in our conference suite in the heart of the Rail Yard Innovation District in downtown Green Bay. 

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Attorney Andrea Gage-Michaels will help resolve your family conflicts professionally and peacefully. 

Questions about Mediation?

How can elder mediation help resolve family conflicts?

Mediation helps parties identify their mutual interests and reach an agreement that benefits everyone involved. Since there is not a winner and a loser, mediation can be particularly valuable in addressing a conflict between family members who hope to get past the disagreement and maintain a relationship. Mediation is beneficial for people of all ages, but it can be particularly helpful in addressing issues involving elders. A mediator, who acts as a neutral third party, can help adult siblings see eye to eye on how to best support aging parents, or aid seniors who are separating as a result of marital difficulties.

Can elder mediation prevent my family from having to go to court?

When a mediation is successful, the parties can reach an agreement and avoid the profound financial and emotional costs that come with a court proceeding.